The Moment of Truth- Leo Frank is Lynched

August 17, 1915 was the horrifying day on which Leo Frank was unjustifyably lynched. Leo was in the hospital of the jail after having his throat slashed by another inmate on July 17, 1915. Between 25 and 28 men, including John Mackey Brown, Judge Newton, Eugene Herbert Clay, John Tucker Dorsey, Fred Morris, and Bolan Glover Brumby among others, intruded into the hospital and kidnapped Leo. They drove him the four hours from Milledgeville to Marietta where they lynched him at Frey's Gin.


Leo had a few requests. They were to allow him to write his wife a note, that they return his wedding ring to her, and that they cover his lover body before hanging him since he was wearing nothing but a nightshirt. His last words were "I think more of my wife and my mother than I do my own life."
Many photographs of the lynching were taken and were made into postcards that were sent to friends and family. People stood around for a decent time after Leo was lynched and many people from all around came to see the sight of this man hanging from a tree.

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